My name is Chloe Nguyen and I like solving problems.

Chloe Nguyen: Future Digital Product Manager

High-capacity, proactive Digital Project Manager comfortable in fast-paced environments. Reach project objectives by aligning decisions and direction with project goals. Strategize, organize, and prioritize company needs and wants. Looking to move into a Product Manager position where my ownership of Web properties advances business needs by navigating through industry environment and outpacing competitors.

Tell You About Myself

My formal education in Business Administration combined with my interest in Web development makes me perfect for a position that calls for familiarity with both marketing strategies and the Web production process.

I am ready to progress to the next level where I manage Digital Project Managers to maintain a Web presence that puts our best foot forward while understanding executive-level goals, managing expectations from internal stakeholders, and providing great Web experiences for customers. I achieve results by posing the situation as a problem and inventing solutions. The harder the puzzle, the more creative and rewarding the solve.

Professional Experience

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Magic Cube FX: Coming Soon page, Full site,  Announcement email

Personal Clients

Web Development


KB Home: Project Manager

KB Home

Digital Project Manager | Website

March 2013 - Present

Neochrome: Project Manager, QA, light dev


Project Manager, QA, Dev

June 2012 - March 2013

Palisades Media Group: Creative Producer

Palisades Media Group

Creative Producer

December 2012 - February 2013

Fabric Interactive: Project Manager/Account Executive; Social Media Superstar

Fabric Interactive

Project Manager/Account Executive; Social Media Superstar

April 2010 - May 2012

Brand in Hand: Media Tracking Coodinator

Brand in Hand

Media Tracking Coordinator

March 2009 - April 2010

Total Beauty: Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Total Beauty

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

June 2007 - April 2010

Personal Clients

My first exposure to HTML was in 2002 and my interest in Web development hasn't waned. Continuing to build sites allows me to stay up-to-date in the Web development world, which helps me better communicate with developers from a Project and Product Management perspective.

Cube FX is a product on Rubik's Cube magic created by magicians, for magicians. I created the Cube FX cover page while I worked on my client's full-blown site. I took an HTML template to create this cover page and integrated a Mailchimp email signup field. It was my first time ever playing a video in the background and working with Bootstrap. This cover page can still be seen here:

Here is the Cube FX full site. It's an informational one-page landing page with the purpose of sending people to a separate Purchase page. Similar to how I set up the Coming Soon cover page, I took an HTML template using Bootstrap to create this landing page. I was given a blank slate with this project, as my client trusted me to create something great. I wrote the copy under "The Set" and added meta and Facebook OG tags. The most challenging part of this site was creating the Testimonials section; I used a Javascript slider plugin to display quotes in a fun way -- and used the same plugin for this very slider! -- but I don't know JS, so I had to learn on the spot. Lastly, I played with adding Events in Google Analytics and created tags and firing rules in Google Tag Manager to be able to track visit data.

I worked in Mailchimp to create a visually appealing announcement email. The challenge here was that the text provided was quite lengthy. I shortened some of the copy by combining sentences and getting rid of redundancies, and I also cut the FAQ answers short with "Read more..." links to the site. But even after that, it was still long and I was nervous for its release. A few days after the announcement email deployed, I was surprised to see that readers were engaged all the way until the end. The last delivery to my client was a data analysis of the email and activity on the site.

Bodyline is a pilates studio in Beverly Hills. I did one-off HTML updates for the studio's website, including a tiny facelift, years ago.

KB Home

Working for KB Home, a top-10 national home builder, marks my entry into big corporate culture. My job is to ensure our main site and CMS are functional and to make improvements as they fit the needs of Corporate Management, Corporate Marketing, and our 17 Sales Divisions. I am in charge of almost anything that touches our website, including the website itself, our CMS, live chat, and data feed, just to name a few properties. As the liaison between Corporate Marketing and our Web Development team in a separate IT office, I set expectations with Corporate leaders and deliver with our Web team.

By far my biggest challenge is in the area of resources. I have just one back-end developer and one lead web designer, and I am our only Website Project Manager. That being said, our relatively new Web team has managed to accomplish so much already.

The biggest item my team released in 2015 was our responsive site. My lead Web designer single-handedly made our desktop site responsive, while simultaneously working on our monthly code deployments. It was my duty to successfully launch our new site, as a mobile site going down could have been highly damaging to our business; ensure there were no hiccups in tracking our analytical data; determine what items we would keep on the existing mobile site and which new items we would carry over from our desktop site; inform all parties, internal and external, of the change; train colleagues on the matter of link changes; and test, test, test (we lack an official QA manager, which means I am our QA manager).

Being in charge of also means I am in charge of our CMS. We use the Ingeniux CMS, which has a workflow that allows Corporate Marketing to approve divisional change requests. I manage our team of approvers and any website work item that needs to be hooked up to our CMS. I am the primary go-to person for all CMS questions and I travel to division offices for CMS training when needed.

Here's an example of a one-page landing page we deliver outside of monthly code deployments. Our Southern California division is partnering up with another builder to open a community (neighborhood) in Simi Valley. I received the request and deadline and communicated with the Southern California division at KB, the SoCal division at the partner builder, and the partner's Web development team to obtain assets, send mockups/notifications of updates, receive approvals, and successfully delivered a finished product created by our Lead Web Designer.

Colloquially, when I speak of my role at KB, I will always say, "anything that goes on the website needs to go through me." This definitely includes our Live Chat program. I oversee the implementation of live chat on and set up new users as necessary. Alternative methods of communication are extremely important today where phone calls and emails are seen as too committal. Below is a demo page I set up for our Online Sales Counselors to test a new chat client.


I had opportunities to help clients in all stages of the Web development process, from ideation and conceptualization to some development to project management, all the way to product delivery and tutorials. We used WordPress for all of our clients. I already had working knowledge of WordPress prior to working with Neochrome, but my time with Neochrome increased my abilities with WordPress dramatically.

Franco's European is an auto shop serving high-end imports. We had the privilege of re-launching their site in WordPress. For this project specifically, I was in charge of downloading and adding necessary widgets, importing content, and providing a WordPress tutorial specific to this theme.

With every product delivery came a guide on how to use the new site. Each guide was different, as the themes and options were always different. Here's a snippet of a tutorial I would provide to a client at the end of the project.

Palisades Media

I had a short stint at Palisades, working with designers to create banner ads for movies. I sent these banners (both still and rich media ads) to be trafficked out to the ad network.

Here are two sample banners. I worked on four movies total: two were aimed at Academy members to garner Academy Award nominations, and the other two were for the general audience.

Fabric Interactive

I started off doing social media at Fabric Interactive and broke into my Project Manager role here. At Fabric, we worked with startups and other small companies to create their Web products and/or build their Web presence.

This is a screenshot of a tweet for a contest we had for long-time client, Dogasaur.

One social media client was Lovin' Scoopful, an ice cream brand. We promoted their commericals throughout their Web properties; below is a screenshot of one of these commercials.

We also did events for Lovin' Scoopful. Here I am at a Yelp event, serving ice cream to hungry Yelpers.

Another Fabric client was The People's Games, which pit city against city in basketball games whose players are regular, non-professional folks. The first was NYC vs. LA, so you know we had our hearts invested in this project!

Brand in Hand

I was the Media Tracking Coordinator for Brand in Hand, Procter & Gamble's mobile ad agency of choice. I reported directly to the CEO and entered the world of mobile advertising when it was still quite new. My primary job function was to create invoices and run ad traffic reports.

These are examples of some of our ads that ran on mobile. Remember when mobile ads looked like these? Spot the Motorola Razr.

Below is a flowchart I made that depicted flight dates and campaign buys.

Total Beauty

My first job in the real world was at startup Total Beauty. We prided ourselves on having the biggest beauty product library in the US (world?). Working at a beauty startup really had its perks: aside from the beauty product freebies, I learned so much from playing so many positions: marketing coordinator, ad trafficker, ad publisher, email sender, assistant to the CEO, just to name a few. The only other job where I've worn as many hats is my current position as Digital Project Manager | Website at KB Home.

This is a screenshot of the homepage back then. We provided readers with user-generated beauty (makeup, skincare, haircare) reviews as well as curated content from our editorial team.

Here's an example email I would send out to our marketing list. It was my job to get the content from the editorial team into the template, send tests, QA, and schedule the emails. We used MyEmma and then Exact Target.

I used Dart For Advertisers (DFA) before it was purchased by Google. This product was challenging to use as it had quite a high learning curve, but we persisted and used it to serve ads throughout our ad network. Since we were a publisher ourselves, I learned how to use Dart For Publishers (DFP) at Total Beauty as well.

Below is a report I would have to put together on our ad placements in our network.

More reporting, this time, on our ad traffic. I was also in charge of other reports such as those depicting competitor analysis and Google Analytics traffic data.